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Ministry Opportunities

Media Ministry


As each day goes by, we grow more and more into a "tech savy" world.  Not even the oldest of folks are without a "smart phone" anymore.  Sound systems, video cameras, media systems, even online services like streaming our sermons.  All this requires a team of people that have a gift and desire to work in the media ministry area.  And we need help!  If you'd like to serve with PVBC in our media ministry, we encourage you to get in touch with Pastor Sheppard as soon as possible.

Children's Church & Nursery


Our children are VERY important to us here at PVBC.  We strive to have awesome programs for kids of all ages, and that requires a great deal of work.  We're always looking for adults to help in this area of our ministry.  So whether you'd like to work with nursery aged children, or you're more inclined to work with older children, we want to talk to YOU!  See Pastor Sheppard for more information!

Music Ministry & Choir


We're always excited to welcome new musicians, singers and choir members to our music ministry team!  It's always a blessing, both to the team member and the congregation, to be a part of a church music program offering and leading our praises through worship music and hymns to the Lord.  We would LOVE to talk further with you about how you can serve in our music ministry!  For more information, contact us through this website, OR talk personally with Pastor Sheppard before or after an upcoming church service.


Residency Program


We are proud to announce a new Residency Ministry! We wish to disciple future ministry leaders of men and women who have been called to a particular ministry. While most who are called into the ministry have a firm standing in the faith, the traditional classroom setting is not the ideal environment to train individuals in the ministry. The church will stand as a place where each individual can minister under the advisement of seasoned ministers and learn how to be efficient and effective in their calling. For more information click here!

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