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Welcome is not a word heard too often anymore. We understand that visiting a new church for the first time can leave you feeling a little apprehensive.  We trust that the following information will make it easier to walk through our doors.

Our growing church family is made up of people just like you... people with a desire to know God more... families that want to teach their children Godly principles... individuals who are looking for a place to “fit in.”


•Our mission is to be a congregation of believers where Jesus Christ is the model of our ministry, by declaring and demonstrating the Kingdom of God.

•Our purpose is to communicate God's Word, to educate God's people to demonstrate God's love, and to celebrate God's presence.


•Our vision is to give every person in our city the opportunity to hear & see demonstrated and to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


All of the ministries at Park View Baptist Church are geared to meet the needs of the entire body of Christ... from the youngest to the oldest.  We believe that every person has a God-given gift. and it is our desire to help you find out what that gift is, train you in that gift, and release you into the ministry of that gift.  Please accept this invitation to be our guest in one of our upcoming services.  Our Church could be just what you are looking for!

Children & Youth

Here at Park View we strive to have an atmosphere of love, and what would love be without children.  We have children’s Sunday School Classes starting from nursery all the way through high school. With teachers dedicated to teaching them the word of God.  During our morning worship the children have a “Children’s Sermon” with Bro. Brian and Cecil. Your child will fall in love with Cecil the minute they meet him. (You will find they are much alike.)  We also have Children’s Church that happens during our preaching hour.  Your child will participate in songs, games and a short lesson while you are hearing the word of God.  On Wednesday nights we have classes for ages K-12th grade. They will enjoy many different activites while learning Bible stories and scripture verses.

For the older kids, We have Youth Classes starting from 10 y.o. - 16 y.o. Sunday School on Sunday Mornings and a Youth Group Meeting on Wednesday Nights at 7 pm. Rest assured that your children will receive proper instruction in scripture along with age appropriate games and activities.


Okay, so let’s not forget the adults!  We have adult Sunday School classes every Sunday morning. Whether you enjoy the traditional Sunday School class or the Women’s Sunday School class you are welcome either way!  We also have a Ladie’s Bible Study and Men’s Brotherhood the first Monday night of every month.

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